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TABATA The new generation of touch-screen coffee table The touch screen coffee table TABATA reveals itself to you in its brand new 2016 design. Unique and pure, it proves HUMElab is willing to center design at the heart of its research. Building emotion and mixing it with a high level of technology, such was the challenge faced by HUMElab R&D team. TABATA displays itself


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SAMANTA Built for restaurant SAMANTA the touch-screen table increases the catering experience. At the peak of technology, it offers a clean and elegant design, featuring a 42-inches Full HD touch screen to create new interactive experiences in restaurant rooms. SAMANTA touch-screen table is available in black, white, or can be made to fit


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TOMA The interactive panel The touch panel TOMA seduces, attracts and captures the attention of its users. At the peak of technology, it offers an elegant and ultra-durable design. It is equipped with a 42-inches Full HD touch screen to expand your business in the interactive world. TOMA is available in black or


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CARLA Tactile table made for restaurants Latest creation born from HUMElab‘s workshop, CARLA was designed and designated for catering. These specific dimensions of 24x24inches offers the practicality looked for by restaurant owners. Its 7.1mm thickness of tempered glass protects it against the everyday use (shocks and spills). Its sleek design and starshaped leg


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CLEA Family Entertainment The tactile table CLEA brings you a multi-touch and complete solution towards family entertainment. Discover an innovative and exciting way to learn combined with the fun from its interactive touch screen. Its multi-user interface allows everyone to have a go. Thanks to its multi-touch surface and its multiple tactile